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The Key to Forever and Last LDR Relationships

Establishing an LDR or long distance relationship is indeed not easy. You can't meet your lover or partner quickly whenever you want. Moreover, if the distance between you and your partner is separated hundreds or even thousands of kilometers and crossing the ocean. For some people, establishing long distance relationships is not an easy matter. Worry, anxiety, suspicion and distrust so often haunt the hearts of people who undergo long-distance relationships. But ya ladies, not a few couples who can actually maintain their love. Not a few couples actually love and relationship lasting even though the distance of hundreds to thousands of kilometers separates them.

Reporting from the page, establishing a long-distance relationship can actually make a relationship even tighter. This relationship will also make two people in it more mature between one another. This relationship can even make both of them have a greater sense of love, incredible trust and impressive loyalty…
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Why Smart People Are Hard to Get Beloved

Do you have a lover now? Or, have you longed for the presence of a lover in life, but in reality he did not come? It could be because you are too smart or smart Ladies. People who are too smart or smart are less attractive. Indeed, some people will like and admire people who are smart, but this admiration is only limited to ordinary admiration. Not admiration that causes someone to fall in love.

Studies conducted by experts say if someone's intelligence is not the main attraction. A study of two hundred adult men found that smart women are indeed attractive. But, to undergo a more serious relationship smart women tend to be avoided because this is considered to interfere with comfort and security in relationships.

A study published in the British Journal of Psycology states that couples who are very intelligent or smart can cause insecurity and comfort in their partners. Someone who is smart or smart doesn't often think of everything in a relationship so this makes the relation…

How To Maintain Your Love Relationship & Couples To Last

When we have a love affair with someone, of course we all want the relationship to last, last and end to the wedding forever. Almost all of us don't want to experience a relationship breakdown or even a breakup. Indeed, maintaining a relationship is not an easy matter, but we should not give up just like that to maintain a relationship. During this time, there is no perfect way to maintain a romantic relationship with a partner. Every person and partner must have their own ways to maintain their relationship.

There are a number of tips that you can try to help maintain and maintain a relationship, so that the relationship remains strong and intact. Curious? Check out the following.

1. Know the Limits
Maybe you are a typical person who tries to do everything for the sake of a partner. But you have to remember how far your limits are. It doesn't matter if you say no once. If the couple asks for something and you don't think it's important, you can reject it. Refusing hi…

Tips for Maintaining Relationship at the Office

In the world of professionals in general, romance with fellow co-workers is still considered very taboo for most companies. Even though there are some companies that consider it as a private matter, but this is still considered an important problem. There are even some companies that expressly forbid dating friends.

Maintaining a love affair that is not sanctioned by the company is indeed very challenging, especially if on the other hand you are also required to remain professional in the work environment. Everything will start to look complicated when the whole office starts talking about the relationship between your colleagues. No matter how smart you hide it, still there will be office people who will uncover your love affair. Even though this is a private matter, it can only disrupt your career.

Here are 7 tips that you can apply to maintain a relationship in the office.

1. Be the person who best understands company policy. Before you start a more amorous relationship, try to find …